About W

[Due to a recent stint of blog ‘fame’ this blogger will remain anonymous; she will simply refer to herself as W. Any characters in this blog will also remain anonymous for a certain sense of whimsy and discretion, of course.]

W graduated from an Honours B.A. in History with a Minor in English. Part of her degree was fulfilled in Canada (her home and native land) and part of it was completed in the lovely Wollongong, Australia (where her heart currently resides). She moved to a brand new city in order to complete her schooling in the field of Education. Now W is a high school History and English teacher who will endeavour to cultivate a strong love of history and literature within her students. She is currently living out her dream of combining her love of teaching and traveling the world.

Her interests include reading, running, daydreaming, drinking coffee, watching anything created by Joss Whedon, drinking wine (W is a self-proclaimed oenophile), blogging,  discussing nerdy things with friends and, of course, traveling. W loves animals – a small rusty-coloured Pomeranian occupies nearly her entire heart [may she rest in eternal peace and happiness]– and she loves her fiancé ‘P’ who occupies the rest. Some of her heroes include: Jack Kerouac, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Tom Hanks, Stanley Kubrick, Dr. Martin Horn & Dr. Michael Egan, Shakespeare, Sir Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, The Beatles (especially John), Judy Garland, Frank Lloyd Wright, J. R. R. Tolkien, Frank McCourt, C.S. Lewis, Liz Gilbert & Blue (check out her fantastic and inspirational blog – I’m featured sometimes as ‘H’).

Thanks for reading,



5 thoughts on “About W

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  2. Lovely to meet you, W 🙂 Half of our duo is a teacher so we manage to squeeze in lots of travel with school holidays, hope you are doing the same! Happy travels and writing!
    P.S. Love the banner photo of our home city!!!

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