The Bucket List – In The flesh

I was reviewing my Bucket List last night. I do this all too frequently. I recently re-organized the list and broke it down into areas of the world that I would like to travel to and then activities that I hope to take part in one day. Here it is as things stand today. It is ever evolving and I am constantly adding new finds to the list! Some entries are very detailed and others are simply one place. Do you have any recommendations for additions to my list? Add them in the comments! I would be thrilled to add more adventures 🙂


North America

  1. Go to Mexico
    1. Chitzen Itza
  2. Do a USA Road Trip
  3. Florida 
    1. Cape Canaveral & Kennedy Space Centre Tour
    2. Disney World
    3. Universal Studios
  4. Hawaii
  5. St. Louis Arch
  6. Old Faithful Geyser
  7. Seattle & Seattle Space Needle
  8. Boston, MA
    1. Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston, MA
  9. California
    1. San Francisco
      i. Cable Car, Haight/Ashbury, Golden Gate Bridge, Gay Pride Festival
    2. San Diego
      i.     Zoo
    3. Los Angeles
      i.     Hollywood Sign, Walk of Fame
    4. Napa Valley
  10. Alaskan Cruise
  11. Mount Rushmore
  12. Go to Times Square on New Year’s Eve
  13. Grand Canyon, ride into it, camp for the night
  14. New Orleans
  15. New York City, New York
    A.     Top of the Rock,
    B. Statue of Liberty
    C. Empire State Building
    D. Twin Towers
    E. Macy’s
    F. Broadway
    G. The Metropolitan Museum
    H. MoMA
    I. Times Square on New Years Eve
    J. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
    K. American Museum of Natural History
  16. 16. Chicago, Illinois
  17. Nashville
    A. Graceland
  18. Hike the Appalachian Trail
  19. Redwood National Park
  20. Visit the Four Corners (Arizona, New Mexico, Utah & Colorado)
  21. Cape Cod
  22. Washington, D.C.
  23. Colorado
  24. Oregon
  25. Maine
  26. Go to the Las Vegas Strip
  27. Vancouver, B.C.
  28. Niagara Falls
  29. Calgary, Alberta
  30. Visit all Provinces and Territories
  31. Nunavut
  32. Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia
  33. Shubenacadie Tidal Bore Bay of Fundy
  34. Quebec City, Quebec
  35. Montreal, Quebec
    A. Climb Mont Royale
    B. Notre-Dame Basilica
    C. The Island
    D. Old Montreal
    E. Pointe-a-Calliere Museum of Architecture and History
  36. Ottawa for Canada Day
  37. Go to the Muskoka’s
  38. Toronto’s Gay Pride Festival
  39. Dine in the CN Tower
  40. Road Trip throughout Canada one end to the other

Caribbean & Latin America

41. Belize
A. The Great Hole
42. Costa Rica
A. Zip Lining
43. Guatemala
44. El Salvador
45. Nicaragua
46. Panama
47. Island Hop through the Caribbean: Cuba, Jamaica, The Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Dominica Republic, Aruba, British Virgin Islands, St. Lucia, Barbados, Antigua and Barbuda
48. Trinidad and Tobago
A. Natural Bubbling Pitch Lake

South America

49. Venezuela
50. Ecuador
A. Galapagos
51. Bolivia
A. Salt Flats
52. Chile
53. Argentina
54. Brazil
55. Guyana
56. Peru
A. Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu 
B. Visit the Floating Islands on Lake Titicaca
C. Travel through the Sacred Valley of the Incas
D. Visit Lima
57. Spice Islands
58. Easter Island

59. Morocco
A. Casablanca
60. Algeria
61. Ghana
62. Nigeria
63. Libya
64. Egypt
A. Alexandria
C. Egyptian Museum
D. Pyramids
65. Ethiopia
66. Kenya
A. Stay at Giraffe Manor
67. Tanzania
68. Madagascar
69. Zimbabwe
A. Victoria Falls
70. South Africa
A. Cage dive with sharks
71. Angola
72. Tunisia
73. Witness the Great Migration in East Africa


74. Ireland
75. Great Britain
A. Leeds
B. London
C. Liverpool
D. Manchester
E. Bath
F. Stonehenge
G. Tour Apple Studios
H. See Abbey Road
I.  Visit The Cavern
J. See Buckingham Palace
K. See Westminster Abbey

76. Scotland
77. Portugal
A. Lisbon
B. Faro
C. Azores
78. Spain
A. Barcelona
B. Madrid
C. Salamanca
D. Cartagena
E. Granada
F. Sagrada Familia

79. France
A. Louvre
B. Eiffel Tower
C. Arc Du Triomphe
D. Nice
E. Bike Tour
F. Palace of Versailles
80. Germany
81. Belgium
82. Netherlands
A. Amsterdam
B. Tour Anne Frank’s Home
83. Liechtenstein
84. Monaco
85. Italy
A. Venice
B. Gondola Ride
C. Rome
D. St. Peter’s Basilica
E. The Vatican
F. Capri
G. Florence
H. Pompeii
I. Naples
K. Sicily
L. Amalfi Coast
M. Corsica

86. Denmark
87. Croatia
88. Serbia
89. Hungary
90. Romania
91. Bulgaria
92. Greece
93. Poland
94. Norway
95. Sweden
A. Ice Hotel
96. Finland
97. Switzerland
98. Estonia
99. Latvia
100. Lithuania
101. Belarus
102. Ukraine
103. Czech Republic
104. Slovakia
105. Austria
106. Iceland
107. Greenland

Middle East

108. Turkey
A. Istanbul,
B. Cappadocia (,
C. Hagia Sofia
109. Lebanon
110. Israel
A. Dome of the Rock
111. Jordan
A. Amman, Petra
112. Kuwait
A. Kuwait Towers
B. Failaka Island
C. House of Mirrors
D. Grand Mosque
113. Oman
114. Yemen
115. United Arab Emirates
A. Dubai
B. Burj Khalifa
C. Man-Made Islands
116. Bahrain
117. Qatar
118. Bahrain
119. Armenia
120. Georgia
121. Pakistan

Sub-Continent of India

122. Sri Lanka
A. Elephant Gathering
123. Bangladesh
124. Mumbai
125. Goa


126. Russia
A. Moscow
B. St. Petersburg
C. Ride the Orient Express
127. Thailand
A. Loy Krathong
128. Indonesia
A. Java
B. Cartstensz Pyramid Mountain
129. Vietnam
130. Cambodia
A. Angkor Wat
131. Philippines
132. Papau New Guinea
133. Nepal
134. China
A. Terracotta Warriors
B. Tianamen Square
C. Great Wall of China
135. South Korea
A. Mud Festival, Seoul
136. Japan
137. Taiwan
138. Laos
139. Malaysia
A. Kuala Lumpur
140. Singapore
A. Jakarta


141. Australia
A. See a kangaroo, platypus, wallaby, wombat, echidna, koala,
Tasmanian Devil, Dingo, Cassowary
B. Sydney Opera House
C. Climb the Harbour Bridge
D. Snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef
E. See the 12 Apostles
F. Drive the Great Ocean Road
G. See Uluru/Guided Tour around Uluru – respect the
Indigenous by not climbing Uluru, watch the sun rise, hope to
catch the Uluru waterfalls after a rainfall, camp around Uluru
H. Coober Pedy
G. Perth
I. Canberra
J. Tasmania
K. Kangaroo Island
L. Melbourne
M. Australian Outback
N. Alice Springs
O. Go to Sydney’s Gay Pride Festival (Mardi Gras)
P. Cage of Death (
141. New Zealand
A. Black Water Rafting
B. Mackenzie Basin
C. LOTR Tour
D. Christchurch
E. Auckland
F. Wellington
G. Zorbing
142. Fiji
143. Vanuatu
144. New Caledonia
145. Christmas Island

Miscellaneous Travel

146. Antarctica
147. Travel to all continents
148. Complete the Seven Summit (with the exception of Everest) – Kilimanjaro, Vinson Massif, Carstenz Pyramid Mountain, Elbrus, McKinley & Aconcagua
149. See the Seven New Wonders of the World: Machu Picchu, Peru; The Colisseum, Rome; Petra, Jordan; Christ Redeemer, Brazil; The Great Wall of China, China, Chichen Itza, Mexico; Taj Mahal, India
150. Swim in the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean
151. Visit major commemorative & historical places in Europe
152. Concentration Camp Tour in Europe
153. Drink wine in all of the major wine producing places (Niagara, South Africa, Napa Valley, France, Australia, etc.)
154. Storm Chasing Tour


155. Ride on a helicopter
156. Ride in a hot air balloon
157. Go sky diving
158. Go snowmobiling
159. Go Parasailing
160. Be kissed under the mistletoe
161. See whales in the ocean
162. Travel by motorcycle
163. Ride & Feed & Bathe an elephant
164. Swim with dolphins
165. Go to the Olympics (as a spectator, obviously)
166. Hike on a Glacier
167. Learn to Ski
168. Straddle the Equator
169. Learn another language
170. Get involved with a cause
171. Take a photography course
172. Own every movie/tv show Tom Hanks has been a part of in any capacity
173. Get a tattoo by Kat Von D
174. Go diving with Manta Rays
175. Buy jewelry at Tiffany & Co.
176. Get married to my love
177. See the Northern Lights
178. Learn an Instrument (Violin, Piano)
179. Take a Ballroom Dancing Class
180. Take an Art Course and learn painting techniques
181. Go paragliding
182. Go snorkelling in a shipwreck
183. Ride the 10 largest roller coasters in the world
184. Live in more than one country
185. See a shooting star
186. Travel by train
187. Go in a rainforest
188. Experience weightlessness
189. Learn to juggle
190. Create a garden
191. Take up Calligraphy
192. Learn to knit
193. Read as many books as I can
194. Join a Big Sister program
195. Go Green
196. Become a teacher
197. Adopt a Child
198. Mush a dog sled
199. Milk a cow
200. Run 10k
201. Run a ½ marathon for Charity
202. Go horseback riding along a beach
203. Become fluent in ASL
204. Learn to surf
205. Swim in the Mediterranean
206. Volunteer in a Third World Country
207. Go on a Treetop Walk
208. Teach abroad
209. Ride on a plane
210. Climb a mountain
211. Climb an Active volcano
212. Go Abseiling
213. Go spelunking
214. Go white water rafting
215. Go Caving



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