Searching for a Sign: The Hardest Choices

I love Blue.

Emerson Fitz and The Apartment Project

Hello interwebz 🙂

It’s been a slightly longer while than I had hoped. The last three weeks have been quite crazy in my world. I have SO much to write about. Settling into a doctoral program. My beautiful baby niece. What it takes to sustain transnational friendships. I hope to get through all that, and continue devoting some time each week to recording my thoughts. But no promises right now, the world is just moving too quickly and my stubby little legs work overtime to keep up.

I want to write about choices tonight and how do we know when we are making the right one. I’ll tell you a not-so-secret: I can be an indecisive pain in the ass sometimes. I don’t like choosing the restaurant for an outing for fear someone will be unhappy. I HATE the netflix interface because I can never settle on a film (so…

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