A Week Is Never Enough: Emails, Derailed Travel Plans & A Furry Pomeranian

Hi readers,

I hope you are well. I am writing this at a most stressful time in my life. Today, I mailed off all of my documents and will be receiving my Kuwaiti Visa by mail sometime next week. Tonight, I am moving out of my apartment that I share with P and am living out of the two suitcases I have packed for Kuwait for the next 11 days. Or, at least, what I thought was 11 days.

I received an email today which told me that the school’s travel agent made a mistake and that my flight to Kuwait will be leaving on the 22nd and not the 26th as I was originally told. Exactly a week from today. The proverbial bomb dropped on me and I realized how one week wasn’t enough time. Heck, 11 days wasn’t enough time.

Don’t get me wrong, readers, I am bouncing off the walls in excitement at the prospect of teaching abroad. This is a lifelong dream fulfilled for me, to be sure. But, aside from the stress of paperwork (which will not be finished by next week anyway), there is something important in my life requires more than a week’s worth of time and attention.

If you’ve read the About W section of this Blog, you’ll know that I share my heart with a tiny rusty-coloured Pomeranian. We’ll call her R (she deserves some anonymity too, after all).

I received this little baby on my 12th birthday from my cousin M who is no longer with us. M passed away from cancer shortly after giving birth to her second child. For reasons I cannot possibly go into here, I was only just beginning to form a real familial relationship with M when she passed. R is all I have left of her. But R has grown to be so much more to me than a connection to my late cousin. This dog has been with me through my most important formative years as a tween, a teen, a young adult and an adult. This dog has literally been confidante, shoulder, ear, pillow, Kleenex, friend, daughter, actor (yes, actor), soul mate and companion. She is my heart that exists outside of my body.

And she’s sick, readers.

And if any of you are dog owners, you know how hard this can be. She was recently diagnosed with Cushings Disease and there are concerns about her liver function as well. She started treatment this past Monday and her vet sounds hopeful that she will respond well and her pituitary gland will return to normal soon. But, I won’t be here to see it. And, chances are if her liver is sick too, this is my last week with my lifelong best friend.


R is sleeping snuggled up to my leg on my bed with me as I write this. And, if I could be so bold, I might ask you to send happy and healthy prayers/thoughts/messages our way.

This blog is a way for me to document my Bucket List experiences and share them with fellow travelers and Bucket List keepers. Having a dog was never on my list because R pre-dates my list-making days. But having this dog in my life has been the most crucial and wonderful experience for me. As a lover of all things furry and four-legged, having a dog would have been an inevitable item on my list if R hadn’t found her way into my life.

A week is never enough time. But, I’ve spent a lifetime loving R so wholeheartedly that I am beginning to make my peace with leaving her. I am making the most of our week together even though she isn’t feeling 100%. And that’s all I can do. Being a good dog mom is such an important part of who I am. If this week is all I have, I’m going to spend every moment I can trying to repay her for the 13 loyal years she has spent by my side.

Keep Wandering,



3 thoughts on “A Week Is Never Enough: Emails, Derailed Travel Plans & A Furry Pomeranian

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I just received an update from back home and R is in very good health – the medicines have worked their magic and she is doing really well. Thank you for reading my blog – I quite enjoy reading yours!

      All the best in your travels,


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