In the Flesh: Thinking about Body Image and Fat Acceptance

Blue does it again.

Emerson Fitz and The Apartment Project

Hello my dears.

I haven’t been naughty and neglecting you – I’ve been writing in the capacity that I’m actually supposed to. That is to say, I’m working on finishing up my Master’s cognate (thesis) this week. I had an amazing opportunity to access the paper archives at the CBC  last week in support of this initiative – for a culture geek, it was all the nerdgasms one could handle. 

Part of that visit involved scouring old CBC Times editions (think TV guide) for letters to the editor and articles pertaining to my work. I ended up finding a plethora of interesting, totally un-related things as well. One of which was a set of viewer letters responding to an episode of I Love Lucy where Ricky Ricardo tells his wife Lucy she can perform in his show if she can fit into the size 12 [TWELVE! NOT DOUBLE ZERO!] costume…

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