Nic Freeman

A quiet kind of romance lingers in the medieval streets of Perugia. Vineyards, sunflowers and picturesque peaks abound the small city, leading newcomers on a happy journey into the capital of Italy’s Umbria region.

The walled city wears potted flowers, balcony herbs and scrambling vines with an old-world elegance that fits my cinematic ideals of central Italy. I spent evenings exploring the delightful nooks and alleys with a camera in hand. Walking the city is a matter of ascending and weaving through narrow lanes, under stone arches and across modern ramps. There are wide but shallow steps that scale the old town edges and rows of cafes that dress the central streets.

I found the echoing arias of an opera singer two storeys above the street. I savoured the the sweet warm scent of baking bread as dusk settled across the city. I smiled at the refreshing novelty of rain…

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